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We offer a wide range of house floor plans from single storey, double storey designs, luxury home plans, lifestyle living, apartments, duplex house plans and more. Browse our range for the latest up to date house plans and designs in Auckland, New Zealand. If you are wanting to use our plans for reference, then feel free to select any of the house designs below.

We have houses that are intelligently designed and distinctive with large open plan spacious living areas opening to an alfresco outdoor space. At Stonex Homes we can adapt to any of our concepts to meet client’s vision and create personalised modern home just for you.

Twin Parks Rise 1

Single Level 4 Bedrooms

Twin Parks Rise 2

Single Level 5 Bedrooms

Captain Rings

Single Level 5 Bedrooms

Clarks Beach

Single Level 5 Bedrooms

Elliot Street

Duplex 3 Bedrooms

Mutetai Road

Two Level 5 Bedrooms

Old Wairoa Road

Duplex 3 Bedrooms

Ribot Place

Duplex 3 Bedrooms

Korowhiti Road

Two Level 5 Bedrooms

Whata Street

Single Level 5 Bedrooms

Kaitiaki Drive

Two Level 5 Bedrooms

Redoubt Road

Lifestyle Two Level 7 Bedrooms

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House Designs for Everyone

Our home designs are very carefully designed keeping all things in mind such as ease of access to every room, bathrooms, centralised kitchen, indoor/outdoor flow etc. You can simply view our range of house plans and get in touch with our lovely team to help get you started on your new home journey.

Entertainment is what everyone needs in a new home and we design homes that cater to entertainment both indoors and outdoors. The Living spaces are designed where the whole family can be together.

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