3 things you can do to take advantage of lower house prices and interest rates right now. 

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1. Affordability to borrow

When it comes to determining how much you can borrow, we can help.

In order to maximize your borrowing power, we can consider things like border income and reducing or consolidating credit cards, finance cards, and Buy Now Pay Later accounts.

2. Deposit

One major bank has just opened its doors to low-deposit lending, meaning you can now buy a property with as little as 10% deposit.

Your mortgage adviser can work out many ways to make up a 10%.

3. Repayments

You need to look at the current cost of that loan and factor in if interest rates increase by 3%+ (as they have done recently), that you’re still going to be comfortable affording that cost each month.

Your mortgage adviser can formulate a loan structure to service your needs.

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